SCH WBTM Dual Bin Trailer

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A new easy to use attachment has been added to the SCH (Supplies) Ltd range to make transportation of wheelie bins easier and quicker.

Hitch the two wheeled trailer to the rear of a garden tractor, sit on mower or quad and use the two independent grips to securely lift each bin by its handles and tip so that the bins are lifted off the ground. You can then drive the trailer and bins to any areas you want.

This trailer is ideal for establishments with a very long drive, where the bins need to be at the roadside for weekly collection or brown bins need to move around the garden.  TheWBTM is also very useful for organisations and business where there may be multiple bins on site that require transporting to one collection point. For example, camping and caravanning sites, schools and universities. The trailer is also perfect for using at public events, festivals etc.


Width: 940mm (37″)

Length: 1016mm (40″)

Height: 889mm (35″)



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