Eliet PROF 6 ZR Petrol Shredder

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Eliet PROF 6 ZR – Wheeled Petrol Shredder

The ELIET PROF 6 has an additional option, namely an ABM system (Anti-Block Motor), also used in the ELIET Prof 5. This ingenious system fully autonomously regulates the feed speed. A sensor meticulously controls every change in the revolutions of the engine.

The specially shaped V-safe infeed hopper ensures that larger parcels of pruning waste can be fed in quickly and safely.

Natural trimming chips are not discharged on the basis of the removal force of the blade system, but are carried away by the powerful airflow generated by the 325 mm blade turbine.

The Prof 6 blow chute is a fine example of engineering. Its shape prevents turbulence and the design of the curve was based on the optimal trajectory of the fl ying chips. As a result the machine has phenomenal propelling capacity. The choice for synthetics as the material for the blow chute was a very deliberate one: it is seamless, corrosion resistant, perfectly smooth and sound absorbing. Its low air resistance makes the chute less inclined to clog. The blow chute has a discharge height of 1,8 m / 6 ft and a rotation span of 280°.

The wheels of the new Prof 6 were equipped with a powerful wheel motor. The speed forward or in reverse is controlled with a simple movement from the pulse via a rotating handle on the handlebar. The more the handle is rotated forwards or backwards, the faster the machine moves in that direction. The wheel drive is so powerful that it takes only one man to load or unload the machine from a van or a trailer.

The blades that are fitted to the Prof 6 are not ordinary steel blades. The Prof 6 is designed to operate at least 8 hours a day. The blades have been specially designed so that their blade life matches the workload and duty cycles.

Under the “FAST PITSTOP” motto, the machine is designed to be dismantled in record time to access the critical maintenance points. This typically does not require any tools. You can perform a quick check-up or routine maintenance at the end of each working day. It also facilitates somewhat more involved maintenance. This keeps the machine in top working order so it can deliver optimal performance every day.


ModelMA 032 010 131
Engine selection14 HP Vanguard 400
Shreddable timberdiameter100 mm / 4″
Starting systemelectric start
Chopping speed (cuts/min)48
Shredding technologyELIET Chopping PrincipleTM
Capacity (kg per hour)4 m3 / 475 kg / 1050 lbs
Feed intake opening600 x 580 mm / 23,6″ x 22,8″
Feed height (mm / inch)1000 mm / 39,4″
ChassisSteel 3 mm
Diameter infeed roller15 cm / 6″
Number of blades24 ELIET RESISTTM/8 blades
Discharge height1800 mm / 6 ft
Parking brakeyes
Cutting width400 mm / 15,7″
Impeller diameter325 mm / 13″
Discharge chute rotation280°
Oil tank content11 L / 2,9 USGAL
Hour meteryes
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch)1900x860x1670 mm – 6ft x 34” x 5 1/2ft
Weight361 kg / 796 lbs
ABM system (anti-blocking)option
Speed controller for infeed rolleroption