AS 701 SM

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Flail mulcher for slopes and difficult terrain

High work rate and perfect handling. Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Series 3 engine with an oil and fuel pump, 344 ccm displacement and up to 13 hp, the AS 701 SM performs in high grass, dense growth and on slopes without the risk of engine damage. Propulsion occurs via a 5-speed transmission with reverse gear (1.7 km/h) that covers a speed range from 1.1–3.6 km/h. A permanently locked rear axle differential provides increased traction and better handling on slopes. At just 196 kg, the AS 701 SM has a vertically-positioned engine resulting in a low centre of gravity and balanced distribution of weight.

Expert engineering with added safety

The AS 701 SM is controlled via 4 operating levers. The patented steering and brake clutch system allows control of each wheel via an operating lever. Light pressure on the lever opens the limited slip differential, while full pressure activates the brake on that wheel. Furthermore, the limited slip differential is permanently locked when in drive. The automatic parking brake engages as soon as the drive lever is released, stopping the flail mower whether on a slope or level ground: an added safety feature. Teflon-coated stainless steel Bowden cables ensure minimal expenditure of force. The result is safe, simple, and convenient operation.

Performance in challenging conditions

The AS 701 SM’s mulching deck has 20 pairs of Y-flails and a 70 cm cutting width, achieving work rates up to 2,500 m² per hour. Supported by pendulum bearings, the flail mowing unit compensates for uneven ground and thus delivers uniform mulching results in grass up to 100 cm high as well as dense undergrowth. The flails ride up and over obstacles, protecting both the engine and the operator from damage. A perforated impact guard provides additional safety.

Cutting height can be adjusted to 6 levels from 10–100 mm, while the operating bar can be conveniently adjusted laterally and in height to match both the operator and the conditions.


Technical Data

cutting width: 70 cm
maximum grass height: 100 cm
engine manufacturer: B&S
engine designation: Series3 INTEK
4-stroke engine: 1-cyl. 
displacement: 344 cm³
maximum power: 9,7/13,0 kW (hp)
rated power: 7,6/10,3 kW (hp)
rated speed: 3300 rpm
starting device, manual 
drive, mechanical
number of gears 5
reverse gear
max. speed: 3,6 km/h
automatic parking brake
limited-slip differential
blade clutch, mechanical
closed mowing deck
flail pairs 20
flail shape, Y 
cutting height 10 – 100 mm
both sides of the flails can be used
tank capacity: 5 l
dimension L/W/H: 220x84x105 cm
weight: 196 kg

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