SCH 40″ HGHT Hollow Tine Corer Attachment

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The hollow tine corer attachment has been added to the existing range of lawn care implements for the 1020mm (40″) system. The HGHT, like the other attachments, fits easily into the carrier frame. The hollow, specially shaped tines plunge into the grass and removes a ‘plug’ of soil and turf, when the tine goes into the turf next time round it pushes out the previous core. The hollow tine corer leaves a neat round hole, to allow top dressing and fertiliser to easilly reach the roots where they are most needed.

We strongly recommend the frame lifter (Ref HGL) is used with this attachment.

Width options

Working Width1020mm (40″)
No of tines per disc4
No of discs8


Working Width1220mm (48″)
No of tines per disc4
No of discs8



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