SCH GWT415 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Timber Trailer

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The four wheel trailer (GWT415) is a heavy duty turn table trailer. The trailer can be pulled by the standard clevis hitch provided, or a ball hitch attachment can be fitted as an optional extra.
The trailer also has, as a standard fitting, a hand pull handle which simply pins into the clevis hitch. These two pulling positions make the trailer a very useful dual purpose unit.
The 300mm (12in) sides and tail board are hinged and can be let down as required or removed completely to give a platform trolley. The wheels being mounted under the chassis allows the sides to be dropped down unhindered. The head board is fixed.
The optional extension sides double the cubic cargo space for carrying bulky materials



Carrying capacity: 760kg (15cwt)
Hinged sides:        300mm (12″)
Width of body:       915mm (36″)
Length of body:     1800mm (72″)
Wheel size:           Wide profile with bearings 16/650 x 8
Weight:                   130kg


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