SCH FBT2 Four Wheel Turn Table Trolley

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Part of our budget range, a four wheeled turn table trolley.  Ideal for smallholders, builders, equestrian establishments.  The trolley runs on four 400 x4 pneumatic wheels.  The design of the handle allows the trolley to be pulled by hand or towed.  300mm(12″) headboards may be added as an optional extra.

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FBT 1 Specification

Body width                        460mm (18″)
Body length                       760mm (30″)
Wheel size                         400 x 4
Weight                                49kg
Carrying capacity           250kg, 5cwt

FBT 2 Specification

Body width                        760mm (30″)
Body length                      1230mm (48″)
Wheel size                        400 x 8
Weight                               65kg
Carrying Capacity         500kg, 10cwt

FBT 3 Specification

Body width                       915mm (36″)
Body length                     1800mm (72″)
Wheel size                        400 x 8
Weight                                71kg
Carrying Capacity            500kg, 10CWT


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