Mountfield MTF 98H-SD Side-Discharge Garden Tractor

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The Mountfield MTF 98H-SD 98cm mulching lawn tractor comes highly recommended. Easy to operate, this modern Mountfield MTF 98H-SD is a pleasure to use and a joy to own. Robustly built by the expert engineers at Mountfield this lawn tractor will give you years and years of trustworthy and reliable service, and will be a worthy investment. Easy to start with the electric key, together with the headlights and parking brake ensure this lawn tractor is easy and safe to operate.

Fitted with an ultra smooth and simplistic hydrostatic transmission you can select the speed you need by simply pressing or depressing the pedal. The hydrostatic transmission works in the same way as an automatic car, there are no gear changes to contend with, just a simple pedal that you press or depress to choose your speed. Reaching a top speed of 8.8km/h you can set the pace to suit your surroundings, and you have the ability to work as fast or as slow as you like.

Highly manoeuvrable thanks to its compact design, tight turning circle and lack of a collector bag on the back – you can get into corners, around obstacles and up to edges and borders with the greatest of ease. The twin bladed cutting deck is a generous 98cm and will ensure that you can easily achieve a precision cut and efficiently maintain around 2 acres of land.

The powerful 414cc Stiga ST400 petrol engine is powerful, smooth and economical. Built to last you won’t need to do much in the way of maintenance, just regular servicing as normal, and this engine will give you years of trouble free mowing. Its compact design means you won’t need a massive shed to store it in, so if space is at a premium then you can’t go wrong with the Mountfield MTF 98H-SD lawn tractor.

The Mountfield MTF 98H-SD is a super mulching tractor. The lack of a collector on the back is a blessing when it comes to doing the right thing for your lawn! The finely cut clippings are returned to the lawn as you mow, as rich mulch which is packed with all the goodness and nutrients that your grass needs to remain lush and healthy. You won’t need to buy additional lawn fertilizer and you won’t need to waste time and effort applying it – your grass is being fertilized as you mow! If your grass is too long to mulch then you can choose the side discharge option – the grass will be neatly blown back onto your lawn, allowing you to mulch next time.

At the end of a busy day you may be faced with the job of giving your Mountfield MTF 98H-SD a good clean down. A thankless task and one which you might not feel like doing after a hard day in the garden but the clever onboard washing link makes this less of a chore – all you need to do is attach your garden hose and use the powerful jet of water to free your cutting deck of dirt and loose grass clippings.

Tow hitch and mulching kit available.




Power DetailsStiga ST 400 414cc 7.1kw @ 2800rpm
TransmissionHydrostatic and Reverse
Cutting Width98 cm
Cutting Heights25-80mm (7)
Fuel tank Capacity6.0 Litre
WheelsFront 15″ Rear 18″
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A)100
Warranty5 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply – Please Call For Details)
Lawns up toOver 10000m2
Other FeaturesOptional Mulch Kit & Tow Bar
Engine makeMountfield



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