Eliet Vector 4S ZR Petrol Shredder

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Eliet Vector 4S ZR – Self-propelled (wheeled) Petrol Shredder

The Vector 4S is the shredder of choice for those looking for a compact powerhouse. The automatic feed roller ensures increased user comfort and can be used in all seasons. Regardless of the type of green waste, this professional shredder can handle anything. The on wheels version of this chipper is self-propelled and equipped with feed roller.
ELIET deliberately chose a spartan design without frills. The aim was to create a reliable shredder with the Vector 4S that is always ready for any shredding job and also requires little maintenance. Therefore, the Honda engine was only equipped with a reliable manual start. Thanks to the small resistance of the blade system, the engine starts up very smoothly.
The Vector 4S is an all-purpose shredder that adds great value when it comes to handling bulky leafy trimmings. The hopper is tailored to this. The wide flat hopper bottom lends itself to depositing large packages of hedge trimmings on it and pushing them through to the wide feed roller. The contours of the hopper opening are nicely rounded to promote smooth and safe feeding.
The maximum throughput of the Vector 4S is set for branch thicknesses of 80 mm. At 156 mm, the diameter of the feed roller is sufficiently large for this. With its sharp claws, the feed roller has a firm grip on branches and also climbs effortlessly on large volumes of bulk pruning waste. The feed speed is sized so that the engine rarely runs into trouble and the operator does not have to intervene often.
The control lever for the feed roller is strategically placed on each side of the feed hopper so that both right- and left-handed operators always have it within reach. The mechanically operated hydraulic valve has 3 positions. Very smoothly and finger lightly one switches between feed, stop and return.
The Vector 4S is a compact machine that you can drive into any garden. This way you can always get to the place where the trimmings are piled up. You prefer to place the machine with its feed-in opening in the direction for the most favorable feed path. Still, you retain complete freedom to blow the chippings directly to where you prefer. Indeed, the blowpipe is rotatable over 280°, creating a very large range that allows you to choose the optimal setup in any situation. Because the nozzle is made of plastic, there are far fewer blockages.
When designing the Vector 4S, ELIET made no compromises when it came to safety. A safety bar encloses the feed-in opening on three sides. The operator can even operate it hands-free if an emergency situation requires it. In addition, a recognizable emergency stop button is strategically placed above the feed-in opening. This also leaves bystanders in no doubt as to how to switch off the machine quickly and risk-free in an emergency.
The Vector 4S was created by ELIET as a real “passe-partout” which is why it is often put to work in private gardens. To make the machine’s low weight an additional asset, ELIET equipped it with wide lawn tires. This wide tire footprint ensures low ground pressure. So you can pilot the Vector across the ornamental lawn in any season without a trace.
Without a doubt, knives are the wear parts that require the most aftercare. Checking, sharpening, turning or replacing knives therefore requires frequent access to the grinding chamber. ELIET designed a large access hatch that provides access to both blades and the impellor of the TurboDischargeTM system in less than 30sec without the use of tools. This ensures minimal machine downtime for maintenance, contributing to optimal use and long machine life.


ModelMA 034 020 209
Engine selectionHonda GX390
Shreddable timberdiameter80mm/3inches
Capacity (kg per hour)3 m3 / 350 kg
Feed intake opening520x540mm
Chopping movements/min.56 000
Number of bladesRESIST/8.3 (20st)