Eliet Super Prof ZR Petrol Shredder

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Eliet Super Prof ZR – Wheeled Petrol Shredder

The new Super Prof marks the start of a whole new generation of Super Prof Eliet shredders. While keeping its original DNA, the new machine is more comfortable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly; it has added robustness and is smarter, safer and easier to maintain. The new Super Prof is made especially for you, for your future, your comfort, your profit and for the preservation of nature.

The Super Prof blow chute is a fine example of engineering. Its shape prevents turbulence and the design of the curve was based on the optimal trajectory of the flying chips. As a result the machine has phenomenal propelling capacity. The choice for synthetics as the material for the blow chute was a very deliberate one: it is seamless, corrosion resistant, perfectly smooth and sound absorbing. Its low air resistance makes the chute less inclined to clog. The blow chute has a discharge height of 2 m – 8ft and a rotation span of 300°.

The blow-out level of the Super Prof is at 2 m – 8 ft. An important asset, as it allows you to blow the chips from any possible location to where you want to deposit them. To make sure that the height does not pose a problem for transport, the chute can be collapsed onto the machine and clamped in place. Its height is thus reduced to 1.45 m – 4.75 ft.

The wheels of the new Super Prof were equipped with a powerful wheel motor. The speed forward or in reverse is controlled with a simple movement from the pulse via a rotating handle on the handlebar. The more the handle is rotated forwards or backwards, the faster the machine moves in that direction. The wheel drive is so powerful that it takes only one man to load or unload the machine from a van or a trailer.

The feed opening was made wide on purpose, but without compromising on the machine’s compactness. The feed hopper has become considerably larger mainly at the top. This makes for a larger feeding plateau, allowing the operator to place the green waste quicker and have both hands free to manipulate the waste. The special shape of the hopper walls pushes the waste towards the 45 cm wide central bottom of the hopper. This flat bottom does not get any narrower towards the feed roller. The feed roller can lift up to 13 cm, which creates a huge infeed opening. This feature is highly appreciated by professionals when they are feeding branches with many twigs or voluminous cutting waste.

All the features of the machine are grouped in a well-organised dashboard at the front of the machine. The large LCD screen stands out at the centre between the ignition key and the choke valve. It is via the LCD screen that the Super Prof communicates with its operator. Besides showing useful machine features, it tells the operator when maintenance is due. Below the display is the machine’s most essential button: the ‘ACTION’ button. This electronic control of the electromagnetic coupling engages the blade system and the Axelero™ and ensures that the feed roller can be activated. At one push of the button, the shredder beast comes to life.

To ensure simple and intuitive control, the operating mechanism of the feed roller was separated clearly and visually. Push buttons within reach allow for selecting feed/reverse feed. Integrated LED lights in the button highlight the selection. One push of the emergency stop handle or one of the buttons will neutralise the selection and immediately stop the feed roller. This is ultimate operating simplicity.

The machine was developed from a low-maintenance perspective, so that checks and maintenance don’t become time-consuming and dreaded activities. The Super Prof’s internal management system helps to comply with the schedule. Regular maintenance keeps high repair costs at bay. The blade system is insensitive to foreign objects and its maintenance is simple and self-manageable. Only a limited number of parts are subject to wear and in addition, the machine has a high resale value as a second-hand item, which is an added bonus for its ROI.

The machine shreds wood as well as large volumes of green waste. The material does not have to be sorted beforehand. You drive the self-driving shredder to the location where you want to perform the shredding, which means that you don’t lose any time supplying or removing materials.

he Eliet patented shredding system uses the weakness of the wood and therefore requires little motor capacity. The compact machine with its broad feeder also allows shredding branches of up to 13 cm thick as bundles of voluminous waste. Cutting waste does not have to be sorted prior to shredding. Branches don’t require cutting before processing them in the machine. It all makes for gigantic time-savings.

The ABM system ensures that the engine always operates at maximum capacity and that fuel consumption never exceeds 3 litres per hour. The optional ECOEYE™ system lowers fuel consumption in passive operation mode, yielding another considerable saving.


ModelMA 029 040 113
Engine selection18 HP B&S Vanguard
Cylinder capacity (cc)570
Number of cylinders2
Shreddable timberdiameter130 mm
Engine start systemelectric
Coolingair cooled
Capacity6m3 chips/hour
Shredding technologyELIET Chopping PrincipleTM
Blades6 disks, 24 blades ELIET RESISTTM/8
Clutchelectromagnetic + brake
Feed intake opening500 x 700 mm / 20″x28″
Feed height (mm / inch)1000 mm
Chopping movements/min.50
Chassissteel 3 & 4 mm / epoxy powdercoating
Wheel traction2 hydraulic engines (100 cc)
Number of bladesELIET RESISTTM/8 (24 pc.)
Discharge height2000 mm / 80″
Front wheels4.00 -4 pneumatic tyre
Back wheels6.00 x 9 pneumatic tyres
Capacity of the fuel tank18 L
Cutting width480 mm
TransmissionV-belt XPA 2120 x2 Powerband
Feed assistancehydraulic diam. 156 mm
Power controlABM (Anti-Block Motor)
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch)2000 x 835 x 1450 mm / 80x83x58″ / low gravity point
Noise level Lw(A)116 dB(A)
Calibrating sieveoption – holes 35 x 35 mm
ECO EYE™ systemoption
Speed controller for infeed rolleroption
Agriculture Tires
Lifting hookoption