Eliet Neo 2 Mains Electric Shredder

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Eliet Neo 2 Mains Electric Shredder

The ELIET  NEO2 catches the eye due to its unique and aesthetic design that integrates a few world firsts. The ELIET NEO2 is the first chipper with a chipping chamber that you can look into and has, as the first in the market, a plastic composite chipping chamber. The machine is very useful and clean whilst it is used due to its integrated collecting bag supplied as standard.

A large opening is made available to the chipping chamber by opening the transparent hatch and removing the safety cover. The shaft that gradually becomes smaller ensures that you can easily gain access to the blades and can remove them from the machine for grinding.

The ELIET NEO has been designed to fold up in no time at all. The volume of the machine will be halved when collapsed, which is immensely practical in order to store it away. The wheel frame can, moreover, be used to hang it from, for example, a wall.

The NEO2 has a low and comfortable feed-in height. The feed-in opening has been limited due to safety reasons. This opening was designed
The feed-in opening that is limited due to safety reasons was developed to ensure the least resistance possible when introducing material. The opening can be modified to introduce seriously split branches.
The larger feed-in opening of the more powerful NEO² and NEO³ is perfect for introducing larger quantities of soft and leafy green waste as well as bigger branches with lots of twigs attached.

The aesthetically designed air openings were designed to provide the best possible air flow around the engine for maximum cooling. The user can, therefore, make use of the large capacity of this machine when chipping large volumes.

The chipping chamber has been manufactured of highly technical plastic composite. This innovation allowed the designers to design a better chipping chamber with the best possible and fastest chipping flow.

This material, moreover, is sound absorbing, which is beneficial with regard to the noise level of this chipper.
Thanks to the transparent window the user can see the chipping chamber and follow the chipping process. This will ensure that he/she can prevent obstructions and can anticipate on when blades will be worn and need to be replaced.

The power socket is beautifully integrated into the design of the machine. The cover will keep the plug in its place and will, therefore, prevent the plug from being pulled out whilst working. The cover will automatically close when the plug is pulled out.

The NEO has been equipped with strong aluminium 250 mm wheels with large tyres (65 mm). The ergonomic handle provides the user the best possible grip and, therefore, the user can move the chipper around his garden with a minimum of effort.

Why should we make things difficult for you when it comes to collecting chippings? NEO chippers come from the factory with a collection bag fitted. The bag slides easily under the machine and has been equipped with a magnetic safety switch. This makes it impossible for bystanders to open the collection bag and injure themselves.

The high cutting speed and a calibrating sieve with a grid with correctly dimensioned holes guarantee the production of small and uniform chippings.

The engine of the ELIET NEO is surrounded by rubber vibration-absorbing sound barriers. This ensures that the blade vibrations are not distributed through the complete chipping chamber.


ModelMA 001 113 912
Engine selection230 V / 1
Power (W/DIN HP)2500/3,5
Shreddable timberdiameter35 mm / 1,4 inch
Chopping speed (cuts/min)36
Capacity8 full wheelbarrows/h.
Shredding technologyELIET Chopping PrincipleTM
Blades12 ELIET RESISTTM knives (reversible)
Noise reductioncomposite housing, vibration absorbing rubber silencers
Feed intake openingØ 160 mm / Ø 6,4 inch
Feed height (mm / inch)1390 mm / 55.6″
Collecting box capacity40 L / 10 US gallon
Durabilitythermal motor protection
Safetymotor brake
Storage dimensions (L x W x h in mm/inch)800 x600x1000 mm / 32x24x39-1/3 inch
Wheels (Ø x W / material)250 x 65 mm/alu / 10 x 2,6 inch/alu
Rotor2 discs with 12 blades in total
Cutting width130 mm / 5,2 inch
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch)800 x 600 x 1470 mm / 32 x 24 x 59 inch
Noise level Lw(A)94 dB(A)
Weight43 kg / 95 pound