Countax C40 Garden Tractor – No Longer Available

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A feature packed garden tractor for gardens of around one acre


The C40 is a fully specified Countax with a single cylinder 546cc Loncin engine. With a 97cm (38”) XRD cutter deck, the C40 is perfect for gardens with approximately one acre of lawn to cut or where there are specific access limitations.

The C40 features a power take-off. This allows you to drive accessories such as the PGC+ or Broadcast Spreader.

The Powered Grass Collector is included in the price shown



Loncin 546cc engine


The C40 lawn tractor features a highly reliable, single cylinder 546cc Loncin engine

Dashboard Display

Countax C40 garden tractor dashboard display

Running hours, Powered Grass Collector and cutter deck indicators visible at all times.


Cast front axle

Countax garden tractors are built to last with a heavy duty steel body and cast axle

The heavy duty cast axle adds strength where it’s really needed on the tractor.


Electric power take-off

All Countax garden tractors feature a power take-off for running accessories

C and B Series tractors feature a push-button controlled power take-off for driving accessories.


Single pressed steel body

Countax B and C Series garden tractors have a single press rear body

Found on C and B Series tractors, the single pressed steel body is a stronger and more durable alternative to a traditional fabricated unit.


Adjustable seat

B and C Series garden tractors have a shaped steering wheel and sliding seat for easy access

All Countax models feature an ergonomically designed, automotive style sliding seat for greater operator comfort and safety.


Noise reduction

Countax garden tractors feature a range of noise reducing features

All Countax products are designed to produce the lowest levels of noise. Not only does this make operating a Countax more comfortable, it also ensures that our products fall within the levels issued by EU noise legislation.


Deck height selection

Countax garden tractors use conveniently placed easy to use controls

The lightweight deck height selector can be adjusted through nine incremental settings to provide a cutting height of 12mm to 101mm (dependent on type of deck).


Park brake

The park brake fitted to Countax garden tractors is an important safety feature

The Countax park brake system is a cleverly designed safety feature. It prevents the tractor from starting unless the brake is engaged. This important safety device is fitted as standard on all Countax models.


Hydrostatic transmission

All Countax garden tractors feature silky smooth hydrostatic transmission

The hydrostatic, foot-controlled transmission found on all Countax tractors is smooth and responsive. It is as easy to operate as the controls on an automatic car.


Cutter Deck

97cm (38″) XRD deck

The Countax XRD cutter deck is a heavy duty reinforced rear discharge deck

The Countax XRD is a new generation cutter deck built on the same platform as our legendary Interactive Blade System.




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