CAMON SG30 Stump Grinder

£3,558.60 inc VAT

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The CAMON SG30 Stump Grinder is a compact an powerful machine that will remove problem tree stumps, above and below the ground.

The SG0 is manufactured in the UK by Tracmaster under our own CAMON brand. We design all our products to be simple to use, effective and durable.


The CAMON SG30 eats away at tree stumps by spinning a disc filled with 8  carbide teeth, which the operator moves across the face of a stump and grinding it away in ever lower passes. The SG30 is designed with a large handlebar to grip the machine for comfort and its large pneumatic wheels provide stability during operation or transportation. A heavy duty handbrake is incorporated to lock one wheel when operating the SG30, allowing the user to pivot the cutting disc across the face of the stump. The main chassis body is made from 6mm mild steel and is reinforced for additional strength. A large cavity beneath the body allows the build up of sawdust away from the wheels and rubber curtains prevent debris from being expelled from the grinding area.



A reliable Honda engine sends its power through two belts to ensure maximum engine torque is translated to the cutting teeth for the most efficient cutting action. A top of the range centrifugal clutch has been fitted to offer superior reliability. 



The Greenteeth fitted are a cost effective system that takes very little time to replace. Each tooth has 3 edges, allowing it to be turned 3 times before it is needed to be changed.



The SG30 easily fits through a standard garden gate and has folding handlebars to assist in storage and transportation. The whole machine has been designed for hard work and is built to withstand heavy duty commercial applications.


EngineHonda GX390 Banks
Net Power11.7hp (8.7kW) @ 3600rpm
Fuel Tank6.1L capacity
Fuel Consumption3.5L per hour @ 3600rpm
Working Height56cm (22″) above ground
Working Depth33cm (13″) below ground
No of Teeth8
Dimensions190cm x 63cm x 126cm
WarrantyDomestic use – 3 years
Commercial use – 2 years




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