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The buck rake is designed for gathering and transporting hay, grass, and other light materials.


The buck rake has a working width of 100cm (40″) and is suitable for moving grass, hay, manure etc up to 50kg.

The working angle can be easily adjusted to suit the terrain and the material being collected.

This is a non-powered implement which enables material to be quickly picked up and removed from site with its 8 heavy duty tines which slide under the material.


Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the Buck Rake (with photos):

“I used our new buck rake last week and was impressed by how well it worked.

I used the reciprocating bar to cut the hay, left it to dry for a couple of days, then I rowed it up with the hay rake and used the buck rake to make piles to load the trailer easier. The raking took about an hour and creating the piles from the rows took about 30 minutes.

Working on my own I took away 3 large compressed trailer loads in about 3 hours.

I was really impressed with the effectiveness of the buck rake.”

David King, Countryside Ranger, Hart District Council – 26 June 2017

Which power units will the buck rake fit to?

BCS 710
BCS 728
BCS 738
BCS 740
BCS 750
BCS 615L
BCS 630
BCS 660


What are the minimum power unit requirements?

8.4hp petrol or 9hp diesel engine.

Three working speeds.

Locking differential.

5.00 x 10 agricultural wheels.


Are any couplers or toolbars needed?

If the power unit has the Implement Quick Coupling fitted then a Blank Coupler will be required.

Please note: The BCS 660 and 750 power units have their own specific coupler.


Buck Rake
Working Width100cm (40″)
Max. Weight Capacity50kg
Dimensions (L W H)80 x 100 x 100cm


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