AS 21 EAllmäher Electric Brushcutter

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Handy and convenient battery-powered Allmäher with certain extras

Now with AS-Motor Electric drive. Among all-mowers, the AS 21 is one of the legendary AS-Motor classics. For decades, its design and mowing performance have proven themselves in the orchards of Europe. Equipped with the new AS-Motor Electric drive, it is more up-to-date than ever. The new 56 Volt AS-Motor Electric drive has the power of a conventional 200 cm3 gasoline engine. It is powered by two professional hand batteries with 10 Ah each. Together they provide an enormous 1.120 watt-hours of energy. For maximum range, a 28 Ah back battery can also be connected. With a record-breaking energy reserve of then 2.688 watt-hours.
It is suitable for grass heights up to 60 cm. The meadow mower has a third crankshaft bearing and friction discs on the wing blade to protect the motor in the event of collisions with unseen objects. The profiled drive wheels provide good propulsion.


Agile maneuvering thanks to the 3-wheel concept

The AS 21 E-Allmäher easily masters mowing on angles and curves. The swivel front wheel can be mechanically stopped in position, ensuring stable and comfortable mowing on slight inclines.

Cutting heights can be easily adjusted within the range of 55-80 cm via four cutting height levels on the front wheel and two cutting height levels on the rear wheels. The AS 21 E-Allmäher is equipped with a comfort handlebar that can be adjusted laterally and for height without tools. The entire guide rail can be folded forward for transport.



Extend your operational capability in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.



Product details


Most powerful Electric drive on the market. 56-volt, 3.200 watt rated power. Two battery slots, active cooling and two operating speeds. Connectivity for additional 1,568 Wh, 28 Ah back battery.



Not included in delivery: High-performance Li-ion battery 56 Volt 10 Ah, 560 Wh, back battery 28 Ah, 1,568 Wh and quick charger. Charging time: 10 Ah 100% in 70 min, 28 Ah 100% in 210 min.



Guide bar can be adjusted laterally and in height without tools to adapt to every operator.



Swivel front wheel can be stopped in position for safe traversing on slopes.