AL-KO Comfort 34 E Electric Lawn mower Comfort

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  • Quiet, emission-free and safe electric lawn mower
  • 2 in 1 function: mowing and collecting
  • Compact and agile, perfect for small lawns
  • Cutting height adjustment with a single lever
  • 37 l catch box with level indicator
    Quiet, safe and powerful lawn mower suitable for small to medium lawns, comfortable and safe to use and easy to push – these are the qualities of the strong and robust AL-KO electric lawnmowers from the Comfort series.

    The 34 E Comfort electric lawn mower- the smallest of the high-quality AL-KO electric lawn mowers

    The electric lawn mower is your perfect mower for lawn care in many residential areas thanks to emission-free and quiet operation. The AL-KO electric mowers are available in power classes up to 1,400 W and operate without exhaust fumes, engine oil, heat generation and noise. The cable operation allows uninterrupted working without regard to charging times or refueling – and without extra weight by battery or fuel tank. The results: Smooth, green mowing with little weight and in comfort.
    The compact 34 E Comfort model with a cutting width of 34 cm particularly impresses with its compact design and is ideal in small or winding gardens. The lightweight design with the XL-smooth running wheels and comfortable soft rubber grip makes comfortable to operate being very easy to push and can be safely guided without much effort.
    For your safety: Thanks to the safety bar switches with cable strain relief, starting and operating the mower is safe and easy – the cable strain relief protects against unintentional disconnection of the cable.

    Technical details of the 34 E Comfort electric lawn mower

    With its cutting width of 34 cm, this electric mower with 2-in-1 function (mowing and collecting) is an agile mower for gardens up to 300 m². It particularly demonstrares its qualities in confined spaces and where precise and quiet mowing is required.
    The whisper-quiet 1,200 W electric motor of the mower provides the power to enable the mower to cut through grass at heights ranging from 28mm up to 70 mm. The cutting height can be easily adjusted through 6-stages by using the central cutting height adjustment. The XL-smooth running wheels (145/155 mm), coupled with the low weight ensures a smooth, fatigue-free and above all quiet lawn mower with minimal operational effort required.
    Thanks to the aerodynamic shape of the casing and the discharge chute, the cuttings are optimally collected and the 37 l grass catcher filled efficiently. In addition, the collection box with level indicator and carrying handle allows easy emptying.
    The large carrying handle helps overcome obstacles and allows easy carrying. The foldable handlebar ensures space-saving storage of this lightweight electric mower.


    Operating Typeelectric
    Box Volume in Litres37 l
    Power in Watts1,200
    Cutter DeckPlastic PP
    Ø Wheels, Front / Rear150/165
    For Lawns (in m²)300
    Cutting Width in cm34
    Cutting Height28-68 mm
    Cutting Height AdjustmentCentral, 6-stage
    Weight in kg approx15


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