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Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 900
Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 900
07th December 2017

Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 900

Having just recently attended a farm sale, I have a good idea of values, but what we all forget is the enthusiasts who are prepared to pay over the odds for something rather special.

This 1986 Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 900, was a fine example as you would get straight off the farm, a well-cared for and under 5000 hours.

At best you would have paid £12,000 just to have it in your collection, how wrong we was, its hammer price was £18,700, by the time a buyer pays for fees and vat, there's no change from £24,000, an impressive amount.

So what did this tractor have that others didn't, firstly it stood out from the rest because of its condition, secondly its brand name Mercedes-Benz, this type of tractor was popular in its day and after 30 years on is still attacking bidders who are prepared to pay for a must have item, which is unique and getting increasingly more scares has time goes on.

Can I just say that this was an exceptional bid on this tractor and probably not to be repeated, keep in mind if this tractor comes up for sale again, what would you pay!.