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Unimog's Past & Present
Unimog's Past & Present
Unimog's Past & Present
25th August 2017

Unimog's Past & Present

Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1971 Vs 2017

I would like to introduce to you 2 Unimog's and how the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is still as strong today with it's fundamental unique Unimog Concept after 45 years...

Firstly the 1971 Unimog U406

Fitted with a Mercedes-Benz OM366 150hp engine, an all-terrain four wheel drive vehicle, this would have been a powerful engine in it's day...

Today's Unimog's with the state of the art equipped and modern technology and outstanding advanced systems, makes it one of the worlds best multi-function vehicle...

the U423 is setting new standards, powered by a 231hp 4 cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM934 Euro 6 engine, giving 900Nm of torque @ 1200/1600rpm... an 8 speed transmission, with constant 4 w/d, and a maximum speed of 90kph (56mph).

With safety always in mind both operator and other road users are well protected with out-standing cab visibility, anti-lock braking system and precise handling, the Unimog can be fitted with a 2 line air braking system for advance towing...

Various implements & machinery can be mounted to all 4 side's of the Unimog, the front / back / above & beneath, such as sweepers / highway mowers and lorry loader cranes, for ease of fitment a front mounting plate can be installed enabling the quick attachment & detachment of machinery. With front and rear hydraulics plus PTO drive as optional extras, makes this a unique Unimog Concept, giving year-round utilization, making this a convincing all-rounder.

Arthur Ibbetts Ltd, have been selling and servicing Unimog's since 1970, giving excellent service and with a combined work experience of over 250 years...